Babylon Mall

Install bookmark

Shopping for vintage? Then don't leave home without our handy dandy bookmark that you can install on your toolbar or add to your favorites! This will make shopping Babylon Mall as simple as 1-click.

Search Babylon Mall

Instructions for Firefox Instructions for IE
  • Drag and drop the image above to the top of your Firefox toolbar (right under the url box).
  • Drag and drop probably won't work, so right click on the image, then click "Add to Favorites."


Say you're surfing the net somewhere. You see a vintage item that you gotta have but maybe the color is wrong. So you want to see if you could get the same item on Babylon Mall. With the toolbar or favorite, you just need to select the text on the page and then click on the toolbar or favorite and voila! It will search Babylon Mall for that text.

Try it here: shoes purse dress

Double-click on one of the words above to select it. If you have IE click the image above. If you don't, click the link you installed on your toolbar!